Opportunity for Small Businesses to have a Professional Counsellor on-site at Affordable Prices

Most people do not expect to have something traumatic happen to them whilst at work, as this is usually a place of structure and security, but when it does, it can be difficult to manage emotionally. This is because we tend to wear our 'at work mask', which is professional, competent and confident and used to shield our deeper emotions.
Therefore, a traumatic event related to work will often feel more confusing and difficult to process than one linked to our home or social world because we are not generally used to engaging so deeply with our personal emotions at work.
In contrast the mask we wear at home tends to enable us to interact more naturally to trauma, people will often say that they 'cope better at work' or that 'work is an escape' from home stressors, because to some degree we can sometimes put our emotions temporally away when we are at work.
For small businesses having a traumatic event happen at work or happen to an employee off site can cause major disruption to the whole workforce and in particular to managers trying to support employees with different emotional needs alongside their own emotions connected to the traumatic event.
Lorna Wright Counselling is proud to announce the launch of 'Small Business onsite Trauma Support', which is designed to provide FREE telephone advice and guidance immediately after a workplace related trauma to small businesses within a 10 mile radius of Staveley, Chesterfield, via this website.
If onsite support is required a tailored package will be designed to suit your needs and a counsellor can be onsite within 48 hours of first contact.

There are no hidden costs, all support packages are based on counselling fees of £40 per hour once onsite.

If onsite support is not needed all I ask is that my contact details are provided to any employees looking for private counselling.

I hope you will not need my services, but if you do you can be assured of a professional and confidential service.

After a recent onsite trauma support visit, one of my most recent customers provided this testimonial:

Lorna spent some time with us in our offices, making herself available to anyone who needed some support after the sudden death of a much loved colleague. Her compassion and empathy were invaluable in helping us realise that our feelings were all completely normal, and her advice went a long way to helping us in the following weeks. I went on to recommend Lorna to others who were struggling, and we know where to come should anyone need help in the future”.

There will be flyer drops to small industrial estates in the Chesterfield area over the next few weeks, so look out for these, an example of one is below, or for more details contact me via phone or email on the right-hand side of this page.

Small Business Onsite Trauma Support. Flyer front page

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